Information about the Coalition in English

The Coalition was founded on November, 2016 and includes more than 30 professional female journalists from all four regions and from the very beginning has got support from journalistic organization such as Media Council of Tajikistan, Journalists Union of Tajikistan, Media-Alliance etc.  We believe that strong, educated, working women is a social security for the whole society and a positive signal for development. Our main goals are:

-to lobby women  journalists interests;

- to teach young journalists, organize trainings, create professional  programs

-to prioritize to engage of civil society, government institutions and women journalists  to cooperate, to have a continuous dialog and to implement interesting common projects and ideas  in the future.

- providing legal and professional support to our members

- to promote a status of women-journalists etc.

To achieve our goals we decided to announce and establish  the Annual Award for women journalists.  The concept includes 3 nominations for 3 women who have showed not only outstanding results in their  professional sphere and daily work but also could be an example for new generation of journalists. 

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